Dynamic Governance.  We respect our residents and believe that their voices, concerns, and feelings should be heard when it comes to how they would like their days to look. Through their input, we create an individualized care plan that satisfies basic needs and sets new, achievable goals to facilitate continued learning and development. This is called Dynamic Governance. Involving residents in all aspects of their physical, emotional, and spiritual care is essential to our philosophy. 

Community. Guided by the principles of dignity and love, Ethan Allen is focused on keeping our residents active and integrated within the community that surrounds them. We practice what we call “in-bound” community building, where community members come to Ethan Allen to facilitate various dynamic activities. We also utilize “out-bound” community building, where our residents go out into the community to participate in a variety of enriching activities. 

Another integral part of community building involves supporting local farmers and businesses, who provide the best products and services for our residents. Working hand in hand with them also lessens environmental pollution and waste. We are conscious of our environmental footprint and are always mindful to keep it as small as possible.

We are so fortunate to have a committed and involved community in Burlington. There is a clear sense of pride and ownership that the community has for Ethan Allen and its model of care. Many neighbors and friends take part in our thriving volunteer program. 

The Health Triad. At Ethan Allen Residence we believe in an integrated health delivery system that treats the entire person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as diet and exercise. Our Health Triad includes a naturopathic doctor and/or a doctor of oriental medicine, an RN who understands traditional medicine and complementary or alternative therapies, and a primary care physician.  

As a result of this holistic approach, we’ve witnessed incredible transformations in many of our residents, including a reduced need for medication, improved cognitive and motor abilities and a return to finding joy in their lives.

Organic, Local, Healthful Nutrition.
 Homemade and organic meals are a priority. Our award-winning chefs focus on creating delicious meals based on whole foods that include locally-sourced organic fruits, vegetables and proteins. We are proud of our on-site community-tended garden, where we grow fresh vegetables and herbs that enhance daily meals. Our residents are encouraged to help prepare meals and share their favorite family recipes.

Move the Body. Physical movement and activity are a key components to health for the residents at Ethan Allen. We have a large variety of planned and spontaneous activities to suit any resident’s taste and ability. Some of these activities include strength training, expressive arts, walking, Tai Chi, local fitness classes, and gardening. 

 Advocates. At Ethan Allen we not only care for the elders we serve, we advocate for them. We work with every available resource to create the best possible lives for our residents.

 Award Winning • Healthful • Sustainable • Holistic • Community-Based

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